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Empowering the matriarchy

I Am: Woman

Recognising everyday women’s health, created to fuel the matriarchy. Yes, we do love our bearded brethren, and our treatments are very much gender neutral. But as lovers of all women, we wanted to create something that EVERY female could enjoy, whatever her age or life stage. These specific Alchemist Spa treatments have been created with every woman in mind, from hormonal teen skin, dealing with PMT, pregnancy specific skincare to celebrating the menopause – it’s all here.

I Am: Woman
Pregnancy pampering

Pregnant women: We salute you. Pregnancy is a special time but is a massive undertaking for muscles and skin, so why not let us pamper you from top to toe?

Using our “Bumps A Daisy” treatment collection to hopefully give body and mind a bit of a breather - the specialist skincare along with our scrub and massage treatment will help to ease water retention, increase healthy circulation, soothe irritation and help repair stretched skin.

What better way to show some serious TLC for body and bump. With this bespoke treatment choose from a body scrub, massage and facial or combination of all 3...

55 MINS : £85
70 MINS : £95


Say a big 'thank you' to mum...

Whether you’re 17 or 77 we all know it’s important to say a big thank you to mum...

This mix and match facial for two is the perfect way to relax together, enjoy a healthy ageing Vitamin Boost Facial that’s perfect for mum and a Glow Better Collagen Shot Facial that’s perfect for offspring - enjoyed in separate treatment rooms with time spent in the spa together...

55 MINS : £75 per person


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Helping you through the menopause

With an emphasis on well-being and mindfulness, this immersive journey will help to alleviate the symptoms of menopause.

Specialist essential oils and botanical ingredients have been selected to soothe, balance and restore calm and serenity when you might need it the most.

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