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derived from nature

We stay clear of nasty chemicals and parabens, using products that are home-made and packed with natural ingredients, nourishing your skin with lots of natural loveliness. Age, gender, race, religion, genetic predisposition or nutritional preference: our treatments really are for Every Body.

We are proud to work exclusively with Natural Spa Factory - a natural British brand, based in Bath. All their products are free from Parabens, SLS, MI or MCI, and Microbeads. They have not been tested on animals. The result is a collection of natural and beautiful products that boost you from the outside in. We care about...

SKINCARE FOR EVERY BODY gender neutral sk:inclusivity

Thinking outside the gender box, our spa experiences are designed for your skin type, not your chromosomes. They embrace you, regardless of your gender.

All our treatments, apart from 'I Am: Woman' and 'I Am: Man' are gender neutral.

CRUELTY-FREE SKINCARE feel-good with a conscience

Natural Spa Factory skincare is Cruelty Free, and is never tested on animals. Furthermore, they care about their impact on natural habitats and do not use Palm Oil. Why is this important? Well, some sources quote that areas of rain forest equivalent to the size of 5 football pitches disappear every minute due to palm oil cultivation. We cannot let this be the price of our relaxation.

VEGAN SKINCARE natural beauty

If you’re vegan, you’ll understand how little effort has been made with vegan spa treatments. Especially in the mainstream. Unfortunately, we can’t quite commit to all our beauty and spa products being vegan - but most of them are. We want you to feel at ease visiting, knowing you won’t accidentally use something that’s against your philosophy, so we’ll always be very clear on what is, and what isn’t, vegan-friendly.

ECO SKINCARE back to basics

Here at Woolacombe Bay we’re just a hop, skip, and a jump from the North Atlantic Ocean. It's important to us that none of the ingredients used in our treatments will filter into the eco system. All Natural Spa Factory products are free from Parabens, SLS, MI or MCI, and Microbeads. Instead, they use natural oils (e.g. rosehip, jojoba and sweet almond), and natural exfoliates - fruit seeds salt, sugar and volcanic sand all feature. Read more: https://www.naturalspafactory.com/blog/eco-skincare/


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